About ZENIgames


100s of Games

Hundreds of great games are waiting for you to play. Find your faves or discover something new. There is an amazing collection that will be growing all the time!



The entire ZENIgames platform was designed for maximum use and enjoyment. The ZENIgames website and the games available inside are all responsive and made to work on many device types. 


Dedicated to Decentraliztion

ZENIgames is a platform designed for use with Zennies. Zennies are cryptocurrency that exist in a dedicated network. With Zennies you can maximize your use of the ZENIgames arcade platform.



The Future of Online Arcade Games Is Here Today...


For Game Players

Hundreds of High quality HTML5 games from leading vendors.

User review system with favorites, comments, star ratings, embedding and more!

Customizable profiles with avatars and other player attributes including rankings. Users can embed games and user profiles in their own websites.

Comment in-game with full user communications systems.

Completely mobile friendly and made to work on almost any device.


For Game Developers

Receive instant exposure to the Zennies community.

Be a part of the ZENI game distribution system by allowing other arcade sites to fetch ZENIarcade games.

Accept Zennies as payment for games and IAP.

Gain access to game developer tools for integrating Zennies into your creations.

Leverage the advantages of cryptocurrency to benefit your game development.

Benefit from unique advantages offered to Zennies developers.